Experience the Voyager Golden Record at San Francisco's Exploratorium, August 3

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/24/experience-the-voyager-golden.html

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That’s groovy, man. On the same 1977 vacation that took me from my home outside of Los Angeles on a Trailways Bus all the way to Florida, I got to experience the Everglades, Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, AND I got to watch the launch of Voyager 2 while wading in the warm waters of Satellite Beach (our return trip was a Greyhound Bus to New Orleans, and then a few days later after touring about, an Amtrak from New Orleans back to L.A.)

Wasn’t the idea that the actual golden record would be played?

This always confused me as I figured gold would actually be a really horrible thing for playback with any normal turntable stylus.

Anyway sounds like a neat event, too bad I can’t make it.

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