Explaining the WannaCry ransomware attack

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/05/29/explaining-the-wannacry-ranson.html

Anyone running Samba on Linux should make sure that their copy is up to date with the latest patches.


Huh. In my experience, Samba won’t let me access things remotely.


I’m interested in this subject, but I just can’t abide this guy’s voice.


Welcome to YouTube Voice


I don’t know if it’s age (I just turned 40), but most of these video-explainers really annoy me; there was nothing in that video that couldn’t have been conveyed just as effectively in written form, and it would have taken me much less time to read it than to watch the video. That being said, I did learn something…

On another note, what are the odds that this kind of thing will lead institutions and corporations to switch to open-source software? It would dramatically lower the cost to update their systems, wouldn’t it?

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It’s not the voice that gets me about YouTube videos, it’s the annoying cuts between sentences to snip out, like, 25 ms of silence. It’s such a short interval, but it throws me. I don’t get why they do that… they didn’t use to all do that, although Jay Smooth was using it 8 years ago… annoyed the heck out of me then too.


Yes. I fucking hate this. Like, I’m stuck in a video game and need a hint and all I can find are fucking YouTube links to fucking videos. So I have to sit thorugh some 40+ minutes of,

YO DOODZ! It’s Xx_SnatchDestroyer420_xX with “Just the Game Tips”. Man, I’m so high right now. I just toked up LOL. Anyway, I’m here with a demonstration on how to get past the super hard Super Ultra Omegazilla boss.

Lots of you have told me in the comments section about how you want a video explaining this, and I now have 200 subscribers to I felt it my duty [… 20 minutes later …] and now let’s start [… 10 minutes of character walking around and inventory screens …] so let’s… ah shit, I died, let’s try that again [… another 5 minutes pass …] and that’s how you do it. So, don’t forget [… 5 minutes later …].

This is Xx_SnatchDestroyer420_xX with another great “Just The Game Tips”! Don’t forget to like and subscribe! Later doodz!

It would have been so much faster to just read a couple of poorly written sentences explaining something rather than hearing some dipshit spend 30 minutes trying to walk through something instead.

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Actually, I just witnessed how the WCry attack happened, even with a properly secured network:

ME: Hey Rick, I’m going to be late today, got held up at another client.

RICK: That’s alright, but the new switch came in today. I set it up, and we have internet access, but can’t connect to the network shares. I think I connected the router improperly or something.

ME: That’s strange, how did you hook things up?

RICK: Well, I disconnected the router from the modem and plugged the switch into the modem. Then I plugged all the cables from the panel into the switch like you said. Where does the router go?

And that, folks, is how people got infected with WCry.

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There are… too many annoying… cuts between sentences…

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