Explaining why dragnet surveillance is terrible, and why you should rally against it

I actually find it quite staggering that you can get that from this:

I’m talking about

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Sorry, imo OWS was not a good example of anything.

Sorry, IMO that’s blatantly wrong. Surely I don’t need to remind you that it was the most widespread and persistent protest movement in some decades, and seen by many at the time as the political awakening of the current generation?

My point is, despite that, it accomplished fuck-all besides marginally raising awareness of wealth disparity and systemic corruption. That was the best all those folks could manage. So I’m not real interested in taking to the streets with banners and bongos. Fuck that noise - we need to get clever, dammit.

Can we get our fucking shit together enough to sidestep all this bullshit within my lifetime, please?

I’m soo. fuucking. fed up with waiting.

I mean, look at these cunts. Can you stand to live another second under them?