Explore The Backrooms in this short found-footage horror flick

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That was great. I wonder if the camera movements were motion-captured. They really added so much to the reality of the scenes.


What it’s like to be locked inside a decommissioned CompUSA.


If you like that video you’d probably like this game…


I was very much trying to wrap my head around how they would have found such a perfect building for this. Very well done, and I think the 80’s VHS feel is what really sells it.

Reminds me of this rather fantastic post… I invested/wasted much time here.


I was trying to figure out if anything (beyond the intro and outro sections) was real. Some of it feels like miniatures, but I guess it makes sense to just CG the whole thing. These kinds of neat, square-edges only environments work best in CGI and the VHS fuzziness hides a multitude of sins. I suspect the camera movement was just done with some procedural swaying and random noise - it doesn’t quite feel right to me.


A little exaggerated in the movements, yes. About the only thing that takes away from the overall effect.

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People simulating camera movement tend to want to overdo it. (Though I find motion capture tends to smooth out small movements and make larger movements feel exaggerated too, often.) Also, in this case, it feels to me like the camera is moving in ways that are unlikely if a person was holding it, but maybe that’s just me.

Needs more cowbell but aside from that a creepy little flick. Reminds me of THX1138 for some reason.

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