3D house tours are the perfect medium for horror

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I didn’t get it.
Apart of some a bit out of place images like the stained saw or the writing on the whiteboard I didn’t fount anything or clickabele. I was expecting some sort of adventure game…

This makes me want to do a cgi walkthrough of my dream house. Just like Peter Quill, I want to build some really weird stuff!

I don’t know… I found the house walkthrough a little unnerving:


There is some threshold of exploration done where creepy things start showing up. You can see the dim reflection of someone in the room with you in the dining room cabinet. There’s a mannequin (or corpse, or just a creepy person watching) in a louvered closet. Then you will find scratches on one wall, a bloodstain, iirc teeth in a sink, and it gets progressively creepier from there.

It is, however, a “wander around over and over until things happen” experience, and it tested my patience for that from the start.


Ok, tried again and found some of there out of place thing, but if all is like this, I prefer to watch some urbex video on youtube, because the creep factor of an abandoned hospital, a real abandoned hospital is way higher.

I have a low tolerance for jump-scares. Are there jump-scares? And let me just pre-emptively accuse anyone who says no of lying. That’s just what someone trying to jump-scare me would say!


I reached the end. You have to persist for a while to get the game to progress. Try revisiting every room, and using the black bar at the bottom (I missed this element for a while) to have the realtor tell you more about each room. Pay attention to the laundry room and the office.
I wouldn’t say there are jump scares in the sense of the standard joke screamer, but there are surprises here and there after the first phase…

Running around in circles, hunting for the tiny defects that the realtor is hoping you won’t notice.

Yup, it’s exactly like the real thing :+1:

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Ok I was expecting some more realistic horror and I started to look at it more if it was a police procedural.
Some strange thing were said by the realtor avatar that were odd like that in a house made only in 2019 they had to change the plumbing or that near the kid room the wall is diagonal and the tiny service door and the wall cabinet seems to go in the same place

­ BOO!

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There is already a horror movie called “The Open House” on Netflix. Without giving too much away, it does make it seem really creepy that you leave your house and let a bunch of strangers walk through it and trust your real estate agent to keep an eye on things.

My web browser doesn’t support WebGL … Chrome? really?

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