Lisa Kereszi’s creepy photos of low-budget scare attractions

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How about a cut for those of us who don’t want to track past a couple of dozen simulated gore pics on the way to the wonderful things?


That was far more gruesome than I expected. Wow.


I thought it was cool… but maybe it is not normal of me to be the sort who looks at those and have their brain immediately go to “how did they do that?”.


They look to be ordinary shop mannequins. Are those made of material that you can melt? Some of this stuff looks a bit molten, like they took a blowtorch to it.

Came here to point out exactly that. What’s the purpose of saying that there’s shocking imagery if you have to scroll past it anyway if you don’t want to see it? I think they look cool, but others might not be into it.


100% agree. I think someone is confusing “gruesome” with “creepy”.


Why all female?


Slasher movie tropes probably.


While I enjoy the Halloween season and I like the thrill of scary and frightening things, dismembered human bodies is simply beyond the pale. There are a lot of ways to feel the emotion of fear and isolation without having to resort to this sort of depraved scenario. I have never understood the movies featuring human beings wantonly hunted and slaughtered by other humans or human specters. If you want to be scared, go sit alone in a dark graveyard tonight. You may not believe in ghosts or spirits, but you don’t have to. The human psyche will fill in the gaps and provide enough unsettling events to scare you. Happy Samhain everyone.


Yeah, I was wondering if they were representative of the fake corpses as a whole, or just what caught the photographer’s eye.

I asked myself that also. The explanation MIGHT be contained in the article’s last paragraph (i.e., Lisa’s female and her personal history appears to drive her interest.)

Always ready to satisfy anyone’s need for actual creepiness. Observe.



@frauenfelder hey Mark how about editing this post to put in a proper cut before the pictures? Maybe throw in a slice of author etticut training as well. Thanks.



The better-done ones look like they definitely took a blowtorch to it. The bits on the limb stumps that look like gore are often done by wrapping ordinary plastic bags around them, melting them with a heat gun, and spray painting red – you get goopy wet looking effects.

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The setups included male mannequins (perhaps fewer than female mannequins); the photographer may have focused on the female mannequins or the Boingboing article may have used more such photographs, but there is a significant difference in the preparation of male and female mannequins, as the photographer herself says:

an uncomfortable amount of violence against women, and of sexualizing violence in general. Male mannequins are obviously also being tortured and dismembered in the setups, but it’s the women who are scantily clad, with nipples protruding, mouths open, dressed as vixens in S&M gear and fishnet stockings, tied up.


I added a pagebreak to the post.

…So that when you get to the text you move on to a different post?

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I’ve never understood why explicit blood and gore have become such a big part of horror (and scifi for that matter.) It just turns me off. There’s so much you can do with just messing with people’s brains. E.g., Psycho.