How Dali and Halsman made "In Voluptas Mors"





Nude female models.


I bet nothing gets by you!

What was it that gave it away? The breasts?


Now we’ve got some surrealism going.


Maybe it was the way, oh, I don’t know, the artist used human beings as objects that tipped him off that the models were women


Fourteen of them! No more, no less!


I love your attention to detail!


That, and the funny guy with the mustache. I hate it when mustaches are objectified in that way…


Yes. Why can it not be just a mustache? Why must it glow with red orbs, and catch flies?


The site has background music. I thought we all agreed to stop doing that.


Here’s an example of skulls made from cats from 19th century Japan. Woodblock print by Yoshitoshi.


Nude cats.

Wonderful print.


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