Explore what London looks like in infrared

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/30/explore-what-london-looks-like.html

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One cheap way you could explore infrared is with the Raspberry Pi NoIR camera module (which is basically the standard module built without an infrared blocking filter). It’s a bit different, though, in that it is still a color camera; you’d need to filter out visible light to get the full effect. A quick hack would be to turn color saturation all the way down, or else mask out the green and blue pixels and then convert it to grayscale.

Without filtering or color masking, foliage will appear reddish.

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Or make a cheap IR pass filter: overexposed developed film negatives (like the scraps at the end of the roll) or underexposed developed slide film… Blocks all the visible light, but is transparent to IR.


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