New Fujifilm camera senses in infrared too

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Yeah, they should have just talked to the Sony team from '98 to see where this was going…

They had to modify all their Nightshot cameras to be useless during the day. It was a total pain based on pure paranoia.


Almost all digital camera sensors are sensitive to infrared.

Many DSLRs and a few high-end systems have internal IR filters to prevent the IR from screwing up the color balance, but even they don’t always block all the infrared.

Inexpensive pocket cameras often have no IR filter at all, so they’re more sensitive to IR.

You can get filters that block everything except the IR, and then use your filter-equipped camera to take IR photos. It will require long exposures, since the sensor isn’t primarily meant for IR.

If you’re curious about whether your camera sees IR, try pointing a TV/DVD remote at the camera. If you can see the remote’s LEDs blink in the camera’s electronic finder, your camera can see IR.

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And that’s why things should be hackable, to not allow the vendors to retroactively remove features.

Multispectral imaging can be pretty useful.

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Everything is hackable. Most of the time on any camera you can just swap out the IR filter with regular glass and then add a filter to the front for whatever you don’t want.


This all day. Almost every digital camera I’ve owned (about a dozen now) has been IR sensitive.

And the remote trick is solid. Having an IR remote handy for testing sure is helpful when you’re building an IR circuit. Usually I can just glance at an LED on the breadboard to see if it’s lit, but these not so much.

Connecting another resistor-LED in parallel works well to show the signal activity. (Do not connect the LEDs directly; the different forward voltages will make only the IR one shine. Both the resistor-LED ones have to be connected at the resistor end.)

Oh sure you could do that if you want to be like, convenient and shit.

But does connecting that other LED make you feel like Q? I thought not.

In fact, this looks like a broad spectrum camera, which is less good for a lot of arti stic photography than a specialized infrared conversion, with the filter replaced with a hot mirror. There are places that will do the conversion on lots of models of cameras for a couple hundred bucks, and doing it with any mirrorless would give you better IR photos than this.


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