Gorgeous infrared drone footage of nature

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Wooo - that’s lovely. This could make a great way for making a sci-fi film set on an alien world on the “cheap”.

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This is a surprising filter. It cannot give the full look of Aerochrome where foliage comes out white, but you would have to swap channels to do this. But it does seem to give a sensible white, the deep blue skies, the intense pinks and reds (though red rather than pink in the foliage). In the 2004 film Alexander, the scene with his final charge (2 minutes in) shot in Aerochrome (almost the last tin of the stuff) to give a dream-like feel. This has had a lot of post - the shadows weren’t that crushed. However, it gives the idea…

I never got to handle any Aerochrome. My Aerochrome look was based on the data I could get from the stock, and this varies a lot with how it is printed, as the usual white balance.


2001: A Space Odyssey used some of this, with much better effect (music)

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It is a cool looking video, reminds me of martian sci-fi movies. The infrared part is mostly irrelevant here, though.

Its a false color movie that has been passed through a colormap to make trees red, water whitish, etc. You could do the same with a normal, visible spectrum movie. Filming IR specific patterns that we can’t see with visible spectrum sensors might make the effect cooler and more alien looking


Nice effect, except for the ‘fake glitches’. They make me stop watching.
Does the editor think the footage would be too boring without them? That nobody would appreciate it?

To me it’s like scratching your fingernails on a blackboard while playing Gymnopédie No.1


looks like a fake. If this was infrared then why are the people in the shot showing up in different colours? This is just a hue shift.

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