Noct, a scary, stylish monochrome video game


I would have a little general wish. (Okay, I have lots of little and not-so-little general wishes but this one is topical.)

Using “infrared” is a bit nonspecific. It would be much better if people specified more accurately what they mean. In context of tactical imaging, it is typically either near-IR (up to plusminus 1000 nm), encountered usually as night-vision image-amplifier systems (the “infragreen” images, as I like to call them due to their telltale color), or thermal, the 4000-12000 nm range used by thermal imagers (even cooler tech, especially the uncooled ones, but awfully expensive - but what cool isn’t…). Thermal is usually rendered as black-and-white, sometimes in inverse; though false colors can be also used, various palettes are in use, from classical black/white through heat maps to rainbow.

This one, from the appearance of the monster and the player, looks like thermal.

Random thought, for RL more than for games (though games can be used to proof-of-concept the algorithms)… what about fusion of different imagers into a multispectral vision? Analyze what the sensors see, and synth it into an image with the most amount of useful information?

…edit: also, the game looks addictive as place-of-eternal-damnation.


This looks like a drone’s eye view of Decision.

If you like the look/feel of this be sure to check out Teleglitch

Rock hard but an awesomely atmospheric game.

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