Explorers find treasure trove of rare cars in an abandoned building

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Well, that was a delight!
Quite astonishing that so much of such value could be allowed to gather so much dust.


That’s a very misleading headline. The guy broke into the building of a foreclosed collector car reselling company. The bank was holding the cars in the building until they could arrange for auction, as you’d expect. COVID has delayed that.

This setup of “guy stumbles on to unknown cache of rare cars in abandoned building ZOMG” is pretty darned disingenuous.


Not like this then:


Yeah, these cars were just put there temporarily awaiting the auction of Bristol. The building has nothing to do with them, other than being cheap storage for the liquidators.

The building is quite interesting in itself as it’s the former headquarters of BOC https://valleyend150.wordpress.com/2017/08/20/2648/


A better idea is to put these cars in a museum instead of getting covered with dust.

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Did he break-in?
Entry into a non-residential property without permission is not, per se, a crime in the UK.

Sure, but there are vastly more interesting cars out there than there will ever be museums to hold them. Most of the cars in the video are not that rare or special. Even the one-off race cars are not interesting by museum standards. There are millions of old race cars in the world- each one a special snowflake, but of minimal historical interest.

For perspective on this, take the Vault Tour at The Petersen museum sometime. They have so many historically precious cars that they don’t even have space to show them all. One of Hitler’s limos is gathering dust down there because there is more interesting stuff that needs the floor space.

There are so many cars in the world that the bar for “interesting to a museum” is very very high.


And if you need parts you can head on over to Dubai and their supercar junkyard


Meh. It’s no Computer Reset.

Blue Oyster Cult?


Thank you. I enjoyed that.

I didn’t say he committed a crime. Walking into private property uninvited is breaking-in, in my book. If you asked the owner of said property if they wanted YouTube Yahoo #54672 wandering around in their building, what do you suppose they would say?



I read this as "trespasser breaks in to private property and finds valuable items exactly where the owner left them (but was not able to deal with in an expedient fashion due to pandemic).

I wonder what this guy would think if he found me wandering through his house “exploring” and making a video about all of the valuables I “found”.


I own several vintage BOC/sparklets soda siphons. Interesting they were so successful they had a huge building.

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Explorers: check
Find: check
Treasure Trove of rare cars: check
Abandoned building: check

The only slightly vague word is “find.” I suppose it could be excitedly interpreted as “stumbles upon an unknown” treasure trove, but they set out to find an expensive car collection they heard about online and found them.

As they note in the video, the building is no longer abandoned.


Works for me. And I enjoyed it. And nobody was harmed in that enjoyment.

And it reminded me of nice things. Thanks!


Yeah, I mean, I enjoyed the video, but I’m perplexed. They documented themselves committing multiple crimes, explicit and implied. They fully identified themselves. Isn’t the only thing keeping them from being charged laziness on the part of the police? Isn’t the auction company a little concerned about the £30m they are responsible for? Basically, how does this video exist? (I cannot believe this could be viral publicity for the auction.)


That’s pretty much true, but still, it depends on the museum. About 25 years ago I remember going to an automotive museum in Sacramento and being surprised to see a perfectly ordinary stock 1962 Ford Falcon in their collection. It stuck out to me because at the time I had a 1960 Falcon as my daily driver.

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