Exploring Japan's robot legacy at 'Future Hall' exhibition in Tokyo


I don’t think making a Bjork-bot is helping.

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I visited Miraikan in March 2012. Keeping along the whole Apollo 11 theme of today, Xeni, here’s my pic of Buzz Aldrin’s autograph they have on display there when he visited in (apparently) 2003.

Not sure if the URL to Flickr will work once this is posted, but there are other autographs from astronauts, too, such as Scott Kelly, Sandy Magnus and others.


Another way to interpret that is that consumer scale robotics (at least the humanoid kind) haven’t come very far in the last decade. This is what was considered a high-end mobile phone in 2004:

Compare that to a current iPhone or Android device and it’s night-and-day. Compare ASIMO of 2004 to the most advanced humanoid robots today and you get… an almost identical version of ASIMO.

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