Exposed! Tucker Carlson’s secret addiction, Meghan Markle’s secret “sister,” and Royal Family secrets, in this week’s fact-challenged tabloids

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If tabloid stories are far removed from reality, then the headlines accompanying those stories are virtually on another planet.


And what is Carlson’s vice? Heroin? Cocaine? Uppers? Downers? The “truth” is far, far darker.

“Fox anchor addicted to nicotine gum,” reveals the ‘Globe.’

Probably Cock, actually.


“Legless Boy’s Off and Running!”

Is it bad that I’m laughing?


Dammit. Now you got me laughing to. My next thought was, “Where is he running?” and it just went downhill from there.


Since when did gossip have to be true to be entertaining? Often it’s best when it’s not.

I feel sorry for Peter Sheridan in that he has to buy and read this trash to publish his weekly update. But Thank You for doing so. This crazy crap helps keep my world somewhat balanced.

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