JFK’s killer, Michael Jackson’s ghost, and Meghan Markle’s halibut, in this week’s tabloids

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Please, make these stop. No one enjoys them. I don’t know what some weird tabloid-roundup has to do with tech or happy mutant things. Please, please.


They don’t dare tell the real story.

It’s nearly 2018. The ‘MJ wanted to be white’ sham is tired, and quite frankly was never funny to begin with. It’s been long proven the guy had vitiligo and discoid lupus. Let it rest. Same goes with the ‘MJ likes little boys’ jabs which are tasteless. The FBI investigated him for years and found nothing, as did the SBPD. Meanwhile the SBPD were given the names of actual abusers by Corey Feldman and they did nothing for decades. Jackson (who was an abuse victim himself) had his life ruined by those false allegations, and it’s no laughing matter.

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Duh, everybody knows by now that Kennedy shot himself in order to prevent a time paradox.

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But will it be good enough for Jehovah?

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