Extra “Teen Tax” added to bill for children dining alone at New Jersey restaurant

How about charging all your customers an 18% gratuity, and putting a sign up in the front notifying people of said gratuity. If they want to protest the gratuity, call a manager and justify why they should pay less. And if they want to tip more, fine.

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Leaving aside the issue of actually paying the restaurant crew a living wage, kids aren’t the only ones who are clueless about tipping. On Halloween night, some friends of mine and I went over to a nearby Chili’s late in the evening. We’re regulars who tip well, and we noticed a bus boy who was absolutely irate after cleaning up another table.

It turned out, that night there was a “kids eat free” special, and the place had been packed with families taking advantage of it - and then tipping based on the dollar amount on the check rather than the value of the meals served, or just not bothering to leave a tip at all. The entire staff got royally screwed that night.


There was a restauranter in San Fran or LA I forget which. He upped the price of everything so he could cover a proper wage for his staff (prices were not that much higher overall). He then stated tipping was no long necessary or wanted. That staff were paid accordingly a fair salary.

It worked well. Wait staff were attentive and cared even more for the customers and the business. They were more engaged and service orientated.

Some patrons OFC flipped. They didn’t like not having control over the waitstaff with the threat of bad tips and complained.

This is why we can’t have nice things.


I refuse to dine anywhere that automatically adds gratuity to my bill or prints suggested tip amounts on my bill ( I’m pointing at you Applebee’s)
I’m all for paying a few bucks more so wait staff gets a real wage.

I’ve been to places like that and refused the automatic gratuity. I always demand a separate check. I did tip my waiter directly though
And of course I no longer go to those establishments.

You do realize that tips actually stands for
(At least it did) it’s a bad system .
But I’m definitely not giving the same tip for bad service as for good.even if I wait an hour if the waite person shows up and explains and checks I have water I’m good. I never withhold tips Because of bad food though…that’s a kitchen issue

Friend of mine is a professional in the service industry, has had positions everything from waiter to bartender, to sommellier, to manager, to other positions involving design and vision of the restaurant (not sure what to call that).

A while back, we were debating the morality of my dating someone I used to work with. He offered, “Shit. It’s about all I can do to stop my employees fucking each other while at work.”

Very interesting industry, to say the least. Your story is not super shocking, but if it’s any consolation the guy probably soon was canned. (…And did the same thing at his next 5 jobs in the next 2 years…)

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Actually, it’s an anglicized version of the Latin ‘tipula’, a surprise left under the cover of a serving plate. Sometimes it was a big spider that was left…


What do folks make of the metastasizing of tipping to all services? I’ve been startled by tip jars at some pretty unexpected retail places.

Hate it. And if I’m getting takeout, you aren’t getting a tip.

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I’m seeing tip jars in all sorts of takeout locations.

This place needs a visit from Bugsy Malone.

I know the jars are there at these takeout places, coffee stands and bookstores (really, why is there a tip jar at a bookstore?) and I know there are coins in the jar… it’s just not me putting them in there.

If I go to Starbucks and buy a beverage to go, I’m not putting a tip in the jar. If I’m going to sit at a table and enjoy a cuppa, maybe have a snack, then I’ll tip and I suppose the jar is a better place to leave it rather than leaving coins at the table, but I’d rather tip via credit card.

I would call listing something for one price and charging another fraud, not poor service.


I seldom do that anymore, it’s so difficult to find good large spiders and they always seem to resent being stuffed into my pocket.


Oh, I’m not saying I didn’t tip, but I’m owning how much of an ass I must have been. I honestly can’t remember what my tipping habits were back then, but after working years in the service industry you can bet that servers love me (especially when I leave ;~)

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Naw dogg, that’s some bullshit backronym.


Unfortunately, this idea met with the invisible hand of the market (ie Americans who assume quality food should be basically free) and failed.


I once went into a check cashing/payday loan place and, no shit… tip jar.

Wow. On the other hand a tip jar at the DMV I was at today might not be the worst idea. Holy crap did those people move slow. Only place I can recall anyone moving slower is the building permit office. Problem is, they’ll soon assume that the tip is their right, go just as slowly AND want their tip.

The building inspectors here expect tips, and are regularly hauled away in handcuffs for it.