Extremely dedicated modder puts anthropomorphic animals in Cyberpunk 2077

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Reputedly there’s even an elongated muskrat.


I mean, at the least, the future would be more interesting with more than just humans around.

and reworks of every piece of clothing in the game to make them compatible.

So, like, pants with tail holes and eight-cup bras?


Which is just a regular muskrat in rich and stupid mode? No love for the muskrat. :frowning:


“ulterior motives”

you mean porn. I don’t say that as some outsider who’s like, “hahaha furries and weird sex stuff”, either. If ‘regular horny geeks’ can put aheago-faced bouncey waifu mods into STARFIELD (a game that’s about as sexy as a wet turd), furries are going to put furries into CP2077 so they can put [censored because it causes a buffer overflow] onto the furries.


I want to see bobble heads like the Tekken mod. Bobble-headed furries.


This is by furries for furries right?

I Have No Idea Whatever GIF by Shalita Grant

Better than for nazis by nazis…


I mean it is lore friendly. Also, you know that there are poeple who would absolutely do that if it was possible in the future.


Honestly the lack of furry or other trans human stuff in Cyberpunk really was a turn off for even going into that game. We were here in the founding of the internet and make the place go. The idea of a high-tech world with body mods and no furry really is about as mundane and straight as it gets. Honestly as a community we jump on every new media and tech and gleefully run with it like we have scissors.

You should see what we are already doing in the kinkier version of the vr metaverse.

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Oddness of the kink aside (and really, there are much weirder ones and I’ve found furries overall to be very benign), I’m just impressed with how well it seems to be done, just from looking at screenshots at least.

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