Face and body paint crayons

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Is there a bigger version of these? For Halloween I’m going as Donald Trump Statue, and that’s going to require a lot of orange.*


  • Trump 2016!

I always wondered how they reproduced.


Let’s get the experts from the Halloween thread to chime in.

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Something like this should be youge enough to cover you fantastically. Many people have told me it’s the greatest, really amazing, just wait till you see it.

Interesting that this particular shade is out of stock. I guess Donald is the most terrifying thing most people can think of to dress as this year.


Remember that Hallowe’en isn’t just about terror (fear of being harmed), but of horror (fear of something disgusting).


Just get a bunch of the small pink ones; chop them up into small segments; and glue them all over your body – go as the Donald’s wee willy winky.

I’ve used these before. They work very well.

Just keep them cool. They melt easily.

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