Facebook ad boycott includes Ben & Jerry's, REI, Patagonia, North Face, Eddie Bauer

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Money is the only thing these soul-less and sociopathic so-called “persons” understand. That goes for corporations as well as Zuckerberg.


From where I am sitting at this very moment, I can see my fridge which has Ben & Jerry’s in it, my wife’s Patagonia jacket, my North Face fleece, and a sweet blanket we got from Eddie Bauer outlet.

Glad I’m supporting the right companies :slight_smile:


The North Face has stopped posting content and buying ads on Facebook through July, but will continue putting free posts on Instagram, which Facebook owns, the company’s global vice president of marketing, Steve Lesnard, said in an interview.

So, half-assing it for slightly over a month. G…great.

I applaud you for caring about what companies you buy your stuff from, but don’t be too quick to trust them when they say they’re taking a stand. Often it’s nothing more than a lazy PR move that won’t make any real change. Of course, what North Face is doing is still better than nothing, and maybe more than you’re likely to get from most companies. Sometimes there’s no winning no matter what choices you make, short of hand-crafting every single thing you own from materials you harvested yourself and living off the grid.

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Yeah, can’t quite do that yet. I wouldn’t even know how to make a fleece without spending a few hundred bucks on a class, spending hours of my time learning, then buying all the materials, then making 2 or 3 junk ones before finally making a somewhat passible one. I’d rather just pay ~$50.

That’s why people are specialized. I don’t expect someone who is skilled at sewing to generate the code they need to publish their wares online. Just use Etsy or some other service.

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But Instagram is critical for brand building!!!

I find companies’ obsession with Instagram embarrassing. Bending over backward to manipulate a tool that is supposed to appear spontaneous with committee-based marketing plans? In five years it’s going to be thought of like MySpace; something no one can really remember the importance of and are a little ashamed of how much time they invested in it.


And sure enough, suddenly FB is acknowledging there’s a problem after spending a decade channeling disinformation and garbage while denying there was a problem.

Sources: Facebook’s head of trust and safety policy admits to a “trust deficit” on a call with 200+ advertisers, as the company tries to stem an ad boycott

Hannah Murphy, Financial Times


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