Patagonia joins advertising boycott against Facebook

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through at least the end of July

What a powerful, temporary stance.


At least Facebook algorithms are going after all the REAL baddies. Sure, you’ve got genocidal maniacs in Myanmar, and Russian troll bots designed to slowly undermine and eviscerate the American Democracy by preying on the most weak minded and idiotic of my countrymen.

But that time I wrote “Racist republican thugs are the reason we can’t have nice things!” and got slapped with a 1 week ban? Priceless.

That’s how and why I #QuitFacebook.


We’ll always have Mike Lindell, the MyPillow guy

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how about lobbying for digital privacy laws instead of a temporary boycott?


I quit facebook years ago when I was applying for a job and realized how easy it would be for a prospective employer to see how crazy I was/am. It totally grabbed the crazy part of my brain and wouldn’t let go. I migrated to something else, and then something else, and have finally ended up here. THIS is my social media. Pretty limited, well moderated, friendly.

My wife can handle social media, so she knows all about the family reunions, pics from vacations, etc. I really don’t miss it, and my life is SO much better.


Patagonia has done a lot of really serious “responsible corporation” stuff over the years, but alas they’re another company that I’d love to support, if only they made a product for my fat, sedentary ass…


About a month ago I finally gave away my Pantagonia jacket I got in 1987. It seems to have shrunk, it will never fit again.

It was still in good shape.

I gave it and some other warmer layers to a group that deals with the homeless. It’s native run and many of the people it helps are native or Inuk.

It’s hard to get rid of things you’ve had for a !ong time and which are still in good shape, but someone will be happy with that Pantagonia jacket.


In fact a completely empty gesture in any case. Part of my day job involves mobile/web advertising, and the way it works is that ad space is purchased through networks. They can zero their buy into FAN (Facebook Audience Network), but they will increase their buy in other networks to avoid affecting their business. Those other networks need to resolve that increased spend, and if they lack capacity then they will buy temporary space from… Facebook. FAN is enormous and is the go-to for anyone needing to balance ad supply and demand.

We need to give up on the idea that capitalism can solve social justice problems. This is why we have government.


I thought it meant the region at the southern tip of South America. I am disappointed, and I don’t know why.


Just to be clear, I’m pretty sure the protesters are fighting against racial injustice, not for it.


I think the guys with traitor/loser/confederate flags are fighting For racial injustice.

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Agreed. I just don’t think those are the protesters being referenced in the quote.

ETA: and while I’m at it, I’d like to be a little pedantic. I wish we could start using the term “demonstrator” more consistently. As in, the protesters from the original quote are, yes, protesting racial inequality, but they are demonstrating for racial equality. It seems small, but if all activists were to state not only what they’re against, but what they’re standing for, I think that would set a better groundwork.
So to your point, the folks you mention wouldn’t just be able to state that they’re protesting against BLM, but what they’re for. BLM can do that. Environmental activists can do that. Shitheads waving confederate flags might have a harder time making their positions…nevermind. I’m so depressed.


YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! :slight_smile: Heheh I fantasize about it, but it would be tough to pull off at this stage of my life, seeing as I’ve been growing up online since I was about 14. I’d probably sleep better and all sorts of things but, well, you know… :wink:



Are you 100% sure the scenario you paint is one that will occur? There have been occurrences of ad networks pulling some advertisers’ ads off of specific platforms upon their request, if memory serves. All it takes is for someone to do a screen grab of an ad from a network embedded on facebook, and it would make these brands look like idiots. The big brands… know how this stuff works, in my experience, and are in the position to avoid such circumstances. Multiple major brands pulling off the platform gets notice IMHO.

Wait. We have ‘government’?

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