Facebook bans election-attack firm linked to Israeli military and 'dozens' more disinformation accounts

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/05/16/facebook-bans-election-attack.html


It’s especially disheartening to see some Israelis and Jews enabling disinformation campaigns and election-meddling done on behalf of right-wing populists. Of all groups whose members forget the lessons of history, they should be among the last.


Good thing they can’t just sign up a new account and wait for facebook to find them in a few years… Oh wait. they can totally do that.

Ask a Palestinian which lessons of history have been forgotten by the Israeli government.


But don’t you know Palestinians are literally trying to wipe a country off the map. Something that Israel would never, ever, do.


“coordinated inauthentic behavior” OK, if this is really a thing, won’t they have to shut down all of the accounts of any teenager ever??

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