Facebook blocked Trump's social media director because they thought he was a bot

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/03/19/facebook-blocked-trumps-soci.html

Facebook says it temporarily blocked Dan Scavino because he was behaving like a bot. Seems reasonable.


Those are literally the platforms that put Trump in office. Talk about biting the hand that jerked you off all the way to the White House.


Hold up…he isn’t a bot?!?


Maybe there’s something to their algorithms after all?

It’s good to know that even in these uncertain times an important person is still treated like an important person by other important people. Now everything is fixed, and he’s no longer being treated as a bot by Facebook.

But in the hearts of all us little people, he will forever remain a bot.

It always amuses me when malicious people immediately assume malice is behind anything that inconveniences them. The more damaged they are, the faster and more vehemently they leap to that conclusion.


If it walks like a bot, and looks like a bot, and tweets like a bot…



I almost asked what he wants. But this is what he wants - to be a poor offended victim who is silenced by the draconian liberals.


He is a bot. Just look at the eyes. That’s a bot if I ever saw one.

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I’ve seen Disney animatronics that are more lifelike than Dan Scavino.


“We’ve been in touch with him”. You mean there are real people at Facebook that talk to users?
And by “users”, I mean cry-baby right-wing old white men employed by a power-hungry man-baby.


It doesn’t matter whether they believe there was malicious intent. They will feign outrage even if they know there’s a reasonable explanation.


I’m ok with discriminating against people who post Identical repetitive activity in a short amount of time from the same account.


I’m game to accommodate him.

Deplatforming Nazibots works.


All other things being equal, can no one in this administration take a decent photo?

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Take your pick:

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I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. AFAIK he’s a bot.

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Endless bot jokes aside, I’m more interested in exactly what he was doing which resulted in this. What’s more, I think we should ask why this has come to pass.

How many press secretaries has Trump gone through to date? And for a president who insists on doing his own tweeting, exactly how much control over content to his press and social media people still have?

Could it be that Scavino is reduced to spending most of his days posting variations on the phrase “what he said”?

like any bot would be as stupid as him - they just need a reverse Turing test that shows he’s too dumb to be a bot. Eliza would pass (and be blocked), Dan would fail basic comprehension and therefore should not be blocked. Also an automated condolence letter is sent to the parents of the idiot in question.

He was blocked because the captcha kept telling him to block the fascist & he ignored pictures of Trump.


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