Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's security costs $7.3 million a year


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Is San Francisco any more defensible than the Hamptons? Even at these prices, probably not.


Jeez, does he think he’s head of the EPA or something?


meh. he is a private citizen, who owns a publicly traded company. He and FB are footing the dime…not the tax payers. So, whatevs.


Context: Scott Pruitt, who is inconceivably less famous (and less hated) and isn’t a multibillionaire kidnap risk spent three million taxpayer dollars on security last year.

Seven million corporate dollars to protect one of the wealthiest, most recognizable, and most controversial people on the planet is a lot of money, but it’s a drop in the Facebook bucket - and the comparison makes it clear just how ludicrously Pruitt overspent.


My brain wants to insert carrier after aircraft, because it’s looking more Snowcrash every day.


The effect of those private planes and houses leaves a footprint on the commons, though. To me, this is all just another reason to put hard limits on wealth/power accumulation. It’s not good for anyone, least of all the powerful.


I am less inclined to put limits on their ability to increase their wealth overall…just in regards to how much compensation they make within employment. And it should be total compensation, not just base salary which can be artificially manipulated.

If he has $50b to put into the stock market and make money through investing and entrepreneurship…so be it. I just don’t think a CEO should be making $40b when an average associate at the company makes $40k.


Is this written off as an expense by FB, or is taxable benefits for Zuck ?


For a relative baseline: The typical cost of security contracts for government or corporate facilities rarely cross that number. Most are in the hundreds of thousands. A few are in the millions. And most of those are for multi-year contracts.


There isn’t a state-level intelligence agency in the world who wouldn’t love to have dirt (or worse) on Zuckerbot.

I think any person in his shoes would need this level of security. So, while titillating, I’m not sure this is worthy of commentary.




Does this reflect on those of us who choose to comment, yourself inclusive?


I’m sure you can appreciate that commentary about a blog post is different from commentary about Zuckerborg’s security.

Likewise there’s a difference (in volume) between a popular blog echoing a story and a commenter remarking on it.


$111.00 is more than enough for a sock full of quarters


Would make a heck of a corporate HQ


You seem quite sure of a lot

Similarly, there’s a difference between ice cream you paid for, and ice cream you didn’t.

are you disapponted in Boing Boing?


are you disapponted in Boing Boing?


For amplifying the volume of a Quartz story which doesn’t add substance to the very real issues with Zuckerberg’s leadership of Facebook.

I think this is noise.


Zuckerberg’s net worth is $66 billion, so $7.3 million represents 0.01% of his net worth. If a person worth $1 million had a proportional security package, it would amount to $111.

You can get a pretty good shitty .38 special for that.


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