Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox & WhatsApp VP Chris Daniels are leaving

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Facebook executive shakeup comes one week after company announced “privacy-focused” brand makeover.


I don’t see these things as likely to be related. A bad server configuration change or other outage is not the kind of thing for which executives typically are held accountable. If Zuck were going to hold someone accountable (i.e. because the outage tied back to some deeply systemic cultural issue), then the CIO makes more sense as site availability is part of his domain.

The timing of these departures probably is coincidental.

EDIT: I don’t have Facebook’s org chart but I’d be really surprised if two executives for customer-facing products reported up through the CIO or had any touch on infrastructure.



You probably should.

These…fine human beings…probably aren’t leaving Facebook to retire and go live happily off the grid somewhere. They’ll pop up to apply their expertise and lessons learned to some other company soon enough; which is unlikely to be an improvement.

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That’s what I’d wondered: how would they enforce their own terms of service?


Are you advocating termination?

That’s such a harsh word. Let’s go with “retirement”.

In the ‘have you ever retired a human by mistake?’ sense; in honor of their contributions to an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia.


They don’t really care about enforcing their terms of service (as long as the money keeps coming in, that is).
On the other hand, this gives them the opportunity to skirt any responsibility for actions of their users, so I’d say this is the motive behind it.


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