Facebook + Instagram + WhatsApp outage 'resolved,' blamed on 'server configuration change'


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‘Sorry,’ and it wasn’t a DDOS, says Facebook.


I’m ok if the outage was made indefinite.


Is there any discussion in the social media marketing industry on what they’re gonna do when Facebook and Twitter cease to exist? It seems like something that’d have a lot of companies and organizations very concerned.


Some engineer was probably destroying evidence on Live when he thought he was in Test.



I suspect that they aren’t too worried.

Some of the grunt level ‘influencers’ whose clout is tied to a specific platform may well be screwed; but as long as you are at least a rung or two above them more churn(whether policy/behavior changes by existing companies, shifts in audience between companies, or the rise and fall of new contenders) means more opportunity to sell your expertise in ‘navigating the shifting social media landscape’ or whatnot; rather than having your clients develop internal capacity because it’s the same problem each time so why would you need a specialist consultant?

Obviously a collapse of the legality of commercial espionage would be a much bigger event; but notably less likely.


Anybody looking to hire a few IT guys with experience at Facebook? I bet there are some needing jobs right about now.


I wonder what the kids would do without it…


According to this, people who like that sort of interaction will just choose another service:


I still use Facebook to communicate with my extended family (by their insistence) and it was a bit of a relief to find out there’d been a gigantic outage after the fact that I hadn’t noticed.


Some companies will fail. Some will adapt. Just like always.


Google Docs, for example.

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