Facebook de-platforms 4 Myanmar armed groups. Military behind Rohingya abuse didn't like them either

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/02/05/facebook-myanmar.html

Is Facebook following government orders in Myanmar?


Signs point to yes…


Please call me when Fbook dies, not until then.

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So they have something in common with Gavin McInnes?

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Thank you for including commentary by Patrick Winn who has closely followed Myanmar for decades and is a voice of reason.

There are 232 ethnic groups native to Myanmar’s borders. 30 to 40 are “major” ethnic groups.

One way to look at discrimination in Myanmar: when female leaders of the struggle from numerous ethnic groups were invited to the UN women’s conference on Beijing to talk about discrimination, they responded in unison by saying their government does not discriminate. Rather, it treats everyone like garbage.

Facebook has just provided a hammer for pro government lackeys to use whenever anyone from any group opposing the government says something against it. It’s also quite a test for FB in general. By these standards, the US government and all US military related content should be banned as well.

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