Facebook made itself indispensable to media companies, "pivoted to video," changed its mind, and triggered a industrywide mass extinction event

Since we’re piling on: the godawful background music in a lot of how-to videos. I’ve heard music in porn videos that’s better than the shite these folks choose.


If you ask me the whole internet’s underpinnings are based upon false content, spying, data leaks and breaches, stolen elections, fraudulent media platforms, censorship, greed, and heading toward a dystopian facist arena of Big Corporate Brother. Perhaps we are already there and just now realizing this.


He’ll never get out now.

Yes, and you liked it:



I’ve been opposed to the videoification of the internet for years. Some brilliant soul here came up with a hashtag I love. #TV:DW (Too Video: Didn’t Watch)

It made me want to pound my head against the wall when working as a DBA, Many of the support sites started providing video tips with no accompanying transcript. Thankfully they’ve gotten away from that now.


and porn. Can’t forget the porn.

Apple wasn’t involved in pushing video content over print.

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But they are a monopoly that uses their powers for evil much of the time.

Um. That’s a bit silly. Apple is far, far from a “monopoly” (unless 45% of market share is a ‘monopoly’ these days) and I’ve no idea where you’re going with this ‘evil powers’ thing. I sense a thread derailment. Let’s not.

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When I used to play Pokemon Go with my SO, we’d go to group raids where one of the other players was a Twitch streamer. He was always making us wait for him to do his intros where he’d thank several subscribers by name, respond to the five comments people left on his last video, and then he’d rush us because he wasted all that time and the countdown was reaching 0. He’d even drag his wife who didn’t play along and she’d point out to him how selfish he was being, but it didn’t seem to phase him. The group eventually stopped responding to his invites. He was working at a local gas station but I think he got fired for streaming when he was supposed to be working. He just really wanted to be famous for playing a game.


I had to stop when I wasn’t clear if it was satire or just really amateur. Also physical descriptions of what was happening made me uncomfortable.

That description of the algorithms randomly awarding winners makes me rethink what is now basically an old adage: that on facebook you aren’t the customer, you are the product. In reality, you are a smoke screen. The real business is gaming money out of advertisers, and while a large user base is necessary to that charade, they may be mostly indifferent to users.


Or rely on “curators” to separate the wheat from the chaff? (Like BoingBoing)


Part and parcel of the ability to create a post which is an image comprised of just text. Clogging the tubes with that kind of bullshit.


Truly, I think some have never learned the distinction between a monopoly and an oligopoly.


One aspect of their business is quite the monopoly, the App Store. I just meant it could use some regulation, or might be why the author of the post would like to see it broken up.

I get the point you’re trying to make, but again, that’s not a monopoly, either in the greater phone-app world or in the Apple market. It’s a “walled garden” marketplace where every app maker, whether a big company or a solo developer, can sell their apps, to maintain a level of security on Apple devices. There’s an argument to be made for an open market, but that’s different from them being the only provider or maker of apps for their devices.

I still expect said curators so introduce the piece with words and images. If not I’m not likely to watch the video (exception being movie trailers that auto play on youtube or something similar).

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