Facebook to warn users if they try to share content more than 90 days old

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Zuckerberg is still in the “let’s do the minimum possible to change things and see if the dumbf*cks will go away so we can keep earning $$$” phase. That’s not going to work this time.



Facebook: Is that over 90-days old, you get a warning
Facebook: Is that a racist/hate-mongering/fake news post: No worries.


I assume this includes Bible verses, right?


Facebook doesn’t care shit about content age.

Their Open Graph tags for web pages lacked any date information for the longest time. (Rather a key element for a news article!) They eventually added article:published_time, but I doubt that they enforce it much, because few sites seem to use it.

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Unilever pulling ads for the rest of the year and the resultant stock downturn for FB has resulted in more scrambling for cover.

This one allows them to keep up bigoted user comments and not ban those users, all in the name of “newsworthiness”:

And this one is an attempt to woo the advertisers back.


Great, so the content farms will all make small changes to their “articles,” republish the trash with a new date, and collect that sweet ad revenue.

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