Facebook told to stop tracking logged-out web users

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It was quite traumatic to find out that upon deleting my flaceflook account I apparently ceased existing as an entity to 99% of my “frendz” on there, so it’s kinda nice to know that at least flaceflook itself still cares about liddle ole me! Boo hoo hoo. It so wonely outside the social meanias.


There is nothing more important to us than the privacy of our users

I read that as…

There is nothing important to us about the privacy of our users

…fully three times before I read it properly.


Precisely why I use Firefox with NoScript.


Oh I think you read it properly all right. A long track record supports you.


Precisely why I use Firefox with NoScript.

But that alone doesn’t help you with those unethical(?) “permanent evercookies” like Google, many others and BoingBoing* use on you.

*I could be wrong, but I’m not. I fear.
Giving every visitors’ browser a unique id cache, similar to tracking pork with RFID ear tags, enables forums to better control n00b astroturfers, sockpuppeting trolls and spammers. Nice.
This, their future moderating-capability was broadly hinted at by multiple bOINGbOING staff a few years ago, before the comments were migrated away from the site. More power and less annoyance for the mods. Yay!

But I’d belong on that “duly noted list”, because a, so perceived, attitude of: “If you don’t want our self-cloning RFID-Chip permanently implanted under your skin, you don’t get to enter our free ice cream shop.” is driving the “free ice cream concept” further than I’m comfortable with.

I wasn’t surprised but dismayed to see that just like YouTube comments, bbs will not work at all, display anything, (unless scripts from BoingBoing.net are forbidden) if you have removed, from your browser’s chrome, websites’ ability to install a “cookie” wich “apparently cannot be deleted” that allows websites to identify you permanently.

It wasn’t my indignation with that intrusion on privacy which caused me to rarely visit here anymore after having maintained a 3/1 ratio of likes to comments for years and my work having been featured here in posts several times.
What caused me to take bbs.bb comments off my rounds was that my daily driver, a customutated Firefox that is brand new in every way to every website with every restart, wouldn’t work with bOINGbOING commenting after the revamp, unless I allowed, among others, facebook to track me.

So I only come here anymore when I’m using a “real name” tracking software called Google Chrome already. It works with bbs and NSA.
Because I have really nothing to hide. I just like to hide that fact.

Is BoingBoing tracking logged-out web users across domains using a method employed by Gestapos to track hapless Tor using homosexuals, heretics and government critics worldwide?

Concerning bbs, it is possible that astounding coincidence has driven me to Aluminiumfolienkopfbedeckungsmentalproblemen.
I’ve been spectacularly wrong before. Oh yes.
That’d be cool.

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I don’t allow facebook, and don’t have any issues loading this page on FF. I don’t even see FB listed as being blocked on BBS (unlike quantcast, scorecard, and google-analytics which are blocked from tracking me).

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