Firefox users: keep your personal information safe from Facebook with this browser extension

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Just delete your account. You don’t really believe Facebook can be defeated by a browser extension, do you? How will a browser extension do anything to stop them from selling your data? Ridiculous.


You do NOT actually have to be on Facebook for them to track you. Don’t be naive. Also, wish this would work on Pale Moon. May have to return to Firefox as I think they’ve fixed some stuff that drove me to Pale Moon in the first place.

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I don’t think they can track me.

I not only don’t use their service, I don’t visit their sites, nor do I use my real name online, nor do I keep browser cookies or run unexamined javascripts…

I never use the internet, therefore I am the smarts. I’m a big hero.


If you ever see Facebook’s share button, you are being tracked. Perhaps not as extensively, but you are.

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I’ve heard of these share buttons of which you speak. Are there any on BBS?

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Since the only reason I use Facebook at all is to keep up with the pictures of my grandchildren, I just:

  • Create a separate browser session,
  • Running in a separate user account,
  • Which only does Facebook,
  • Which runs a pseudonym,
  • Attached to a mail address used for nothing else,
  • Which by default blocks scripts from pretty near everything else on the Net,
  • And which also flushes its cache and cookies on closure.

Not perfect, but works tolerably. And which conveniently requires minimal effort on my part.

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This seems like an overly specific reworking of the Containers Add On:

I use the more featureful one linked above and like it. I sign into Gmail but give that it’s own container, then have a separate social container. I’m not clear if Netflix shares my browsing history or has trackers but I suspect Pandora does, so I also have a streaming container for Netflix and Pandora, and finally one labeled “Work” for stuff like glassdoor and linkedin.

It’s a little overly complicated, but in conjunction with Ublock and NoScript and a VPN I feel reasonably private without having to suffer Tor’s speed for day to day browsing.

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This is a great Firefox extension. Firefox is great, I’m just not a fan of the bookmark manager. I prefer Bookmark OS

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I see them! I guess I never clicked on the “share” link before. Thanks!

Most things of that sort get supplied by javascript, and I don’t bother to execute most javascript. I have and discoursedcn whitelisted, though, so I get this one.

Truth be told, that was probably the first time I’ve ever clicked the share button here.

Whenever I do share stuff from BB, I copy-paste the URL itself. It just seems faster.

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