Facebook trolls

Just a thought. Boingboing oughta moderate it’s facebook post comments a little bit. You’ve got a couple annoying rightwing trolls popping up there. I’m all for healthy discussions like we have here in bbs, but some of these people are just spreading misinformation and propaganda. No need to let them hang out. Right? Those people making disingenuous arguments get shut out here in bbs, right?

I dunno. Just a thought. But considering Zuck saying he won’t police lies from politicians in ads, it’s maybe one small thing that can be done to squash the misinformation network…

I just had this thought cuz I do follow boingboing on Facebook and it’s interesting I compare to comments there to the comments here. Usually it’s good. But bbs definitely has less of a troll problem. Maybe just because fewer random people stumble upon this bbs page.

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