Facebook users can now use PGP encryption for messages


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It’s a joke, it’s really ROT13.


Will wonders never cease. I’d be even more impressed if they managed to bake PGP into their IM system.


Doesn’t Facebook knowing your encryption key defeat the purpose of having one in the first place? On top of that, posting your encryption key on your profile is the worst idea ever. I thought this was a joke at first.


For PGP, you have a public and a private key. The public one lets you encrypt messages that only the private key can decrypt. This is a public key.


No. They get you public key but nobody (apart from you) will know your private key. The public key can only be used to lock messages, not unlock them.

Posting your public key in a highly visible place (like a keyserver or your email signature) is good practice. You want people to encrypt messages they send you. Whilst I don’t particularly trust Facebook (apart from the fact I give them anything they ask for) this is a welcome move.


Ah, my mistake. Still doesn’t seem like the best idea to tell the world you encrypt your emails on social media.


Why not? PGP can be used as a digital signature as well as or instead of encryption.


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