Facebook's content moderation a mess, employees outraged, contractors have PTSD: Reports

Slowly I turned

In case it isn’t clear, I have bad memories of working with… (silently mouths that name)


I’m with ya, buddy.

I did some contract IT work for Best Buy circa 2011, about seven years after Best Buy signed a seven-year contract with Accenture.

By 2011 it was clear that Accenture had no magic solution for BB’s woes, and the pendulum swung back towards “We need to hire local developers” (such as yrs. trly.), “Because morale.”

My morale was pretty good for a while* … until I figured out … well, let’s just say that some of the Accenture developers lacked a basic understanding of web applications. Others were smart cookies, to be sure. But some were untrained novices thrown into the deep end of the development pool. (Update: where they stayed for long periods of time, apparently drown-proof, despite lack of swimming skills.)

Best Buy Co. Inc. has signed a seven-year agreement with outsourcing and consulting services company Accenture. (July 15, 2004)

*Update: To be clear, my morale at Best Buy eroded for a variety of reasons, not just hapless Accenture staff.


Facebook has about 15,000 content reviewers, almost all of whom do not work for Facebook, but are contractors at staffing firms like Accenture Интернет тролль and Cognizant кукла из носка.

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