Facebook's crackdown on publishers feeds has sites paying celebs to repost

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It’s a bit like the problem of taxation - the bigger the clampdown, the more it is worth spending on clever accountants to avoid taxes. And the techniques used will tend to go just over the edge of legality because the penalties are just an additional cost of doing business, while litigation is also a lottery - you may win even if you get caught.
Facebook has become something like AT&T - monopolistic while trying to avoid being seen to be so.


Winds me up!

As if they haven’t got enough money from acting anyway! Well, maybe not Nicholas Cage!

Celebrity endorsements are a big put off for me as they don’t live in the real world, so why would you take their advice, opinion or buy something they’re touting and make any decision based on what they say?

If Beckhams advertising something then the price went up for that product and a good way to sell crap is to get someone famous to do the advert.

I’d be more inclined to buy if it was an unknown actor who probably needs the money a whole lot more.

This is in addition to the fact if you post something from a site that specializes in news/human interest articles (like Boing Boing,) they will delete it. This is the reason I cancelled my Facebook account.

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I think it is safer to maintain an account but with no detail, no links and no posts, as it makes identity theft that bit harder. Obviously I only log into it very rarely to check, from a Linux VM so cookies don’t end up on my real machines.

Not George Takei! Say it ain’t so!


The clever accountants normally just find policy the government put there on purpose either to encourage the behavior (“plant more pine forrests!”), or as pay off to campaign contributiors (“plant more pine forests?”).

As much as I hate to admit it, it makes perfect sense. He really links to some UTTER SHIT websites, and he does it profusely.


That’s why I unfollowed George Takei. Most of the time, he links to “distractify” or other clickbait garbage.


It’s weird and deeply disturbing that Facebook has become the default portal to the rest of the web for so many people. By itself that encourages the balkanization of culture that feeds fact-free “news” sites that reinforce people’s prejudices and give rise to political forces like Trump. These kinds of policies would seem to encourage that dynamic more than anything, when they should be fighting it.


Where is this Celebrity Planet you speak of sir?

This one we’re on!

Greed, greed, greed!

‘Celebrity Planet’? WTF, Brand awareness! That’s the goal because you like the actor/actress or whatever you buy the shit cos you like them. Don’t reply!

This does explain why George Takei stopped being hilarious on Facebook and is now just linking to a lot of lists of what people on Reddit say.


Deleted? I’ve never had anything I shared deleted, and I share from BoingBoing all the time.


He does, yes.

So it’s no longer okay…to be Takei? :confused:


Is this the beginnings of an episode of Black Mirror?


I dunno… I’m not going to take too much issue with the guy trying to make a living. He’s still an exemplary human being and activist.


I completely agree. I probably should’ve put a sarcasm tag on that.

The problem is with the dystopian internet Facebook has led the way toward, not with the high-profile people making a living. I don’t blame Takei one iota.


Agreed. We’re in the walled garden era of the internets.