Facebook's former security head: making Facebook moderate content will cement its dominance

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Stamos is skeptical of breaking up the platforms: he says smaller platforms are harder for states to monitor and lack the resources to effectively secure their users’ data.

I disagree as well. Smaller platforms will have less impact and won’t be treated as the entirety of the Internet by less sophisticated users. In addition, the decentralised platforms build in self-policing and moderation functionality the policy config of which can vary from instance to instance.

That said, there’s a middle ground: mandating “data portability” so that users can leave Facebook and take their data with them

This needs to be the central tenet of any personal data: first and foremost it belongs to the individual in question, not to a corporation or government.


This logic never works, and I will never understand why. Hey, Democrats, you want the next Republican president to have warrantless wiretaps and unrestricted drone powers? Republicans, you want President Sanders to put George Soros on the Supreme Court?

You say the other party will never be in power, ever again?




Roger That!


I dream of a future where I’ve forgotten the word “facebook”. But that will probably also mean I’ve forgotten to put clothes on, where I live, and the name of my wife. They are tenacious shitstains, is what I’m getting at.

Facebook can’t dominate if people and businesses choose not to use the service. It’s power is based on numbers and nothing else. Didja know? One doesn’t need Facebook in one’s life.
Too, let’s credit the media for taking the lazy, stupid approach to reaching audiences digitally not by beefing up and promoting their own sites and offering something of value but by trusting Facebook.

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