Facebook's value has crashed 30% since July


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But, but wait - we have a great new product/service; Facebook cameras to put inside your home! /s


When we regard mentions of Fecesbook in the same bemused way we regard mentions of MySpace, we will have progressed as a culture.




Yeah, but you can just imagine what will pop up to replace it. It’ll make FB’s privacy violations look tame.


Treason and undermining our democracy are not tame violations, just so’s yous knows…


I’m more optimistic, in markets where consumers have a choice at least. Facebook was social v1.1 at best. What comes next will be more user-aware, and the kids do care about this stuff. Apple knows that privacy is increasingly a marketable commodity, hence they are talking about it and investing in it. I do believe that W hatever follows on from Facebook will be scrutinised for evidence that they don’t make the same mistakes as the last gen.

Which is not to say we don’t need to remain vigilant, of course…




Are they really missing? Or are you just keeping them for yourself?


Guilty as charged.


If we have learned nothing else of the last two years it is that you should never believe that it is so bad that it won’t get worse.

I think the the emerging Internet of Shit is evidence for pessimism.


People still use Fuckbook, I mean facebook?


Always like this one.


runs back to Friendster




I don’t think it matters how savvy the end user is. It’s simply too easy to spy on user accounts and the lure of money is always there. There will never be a safe media platform where you interact with so many people, entities and have so much private data out there to be monetized. Just by joining you are susceptible. And legal clauses? Who’s going to hold them accountable? By the time people figure out they’ve been duped and exploited again, it’s too late. The cat’s ‘raaaaaoooorrrww!’ out of the bag.


you just inspired me . Ive just reactivated my myspace account to help bridge that gap .


This is kind of where Im at. Every app i download, every login I sign up for, every subscription i get, I assume i just added another data leak to my “privacy”. Yelling about facebook is like making sure the titanic doesnt run out of food.


“Facebook has the same value as it did six months ago” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Facebook’s value has crashed 30% since July”, eh?