Facts about Ebola, from the CDC


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Oh my god, the CDC is saying I shouldn’t care about the humanitarian crisis in Africa! Christ, what assholes…


This is a vast improvement over BB’s previously posted infographic on Ebola; thank you, Xeni.

But isn’t the CDC essentially saying that Ebola is transmitted about the same way that the AIDS virus is transmitted? It’s certainly not a widely known fact that men who’ve recovered from an Ebola infection can still put their sexual partners at risk of infection up to seven weeks later - and I suspect that no one should be feeling casual about having sex with someone who may be in the two-to-21-day incubation period for the virus. Nor is is clear that ordinary people who are or who may be near or caring for an infected person are advised by the World Health Organization to use “Personal Protective Equipment,” meaning gowns, gloves, masks, and goggles or face shields.

What I’m saying is, there’s a lot more solid information we need to know about Ebola before we start flippantly advising people not to worry about it. You might start with a look at the information available from the WHO at http://www.who.int/csr/disease/ebola/faq-ebola/en/

AIDS is blood and semen, not mucous, and that blood and semen needs access to blood (through a wound or injection) in the recipient. Ebola can be mucous to mucous as well as blood.

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Thanks for the clarification… Ebola, while not easily passed from one person to another, is apparently more easily transmitted than the AIDS virus. Let me say, too, that I’ve worked with many people with AIDS and other infectious diseases, and I’m not trying to be overcautious here. Just saying we shouldn’t be undercautious, and that we should be as well-informed as we can be…

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I’m guessing the “problem” in the US is more about irrational fears, and perhaps this is a simple way to calm the nail biting a little bit. Im guessing it would be almost impossible to contract ebola here in the US even if you tried to. Then in the future if there is a flare up of ebola, more information and instruction can be given as needed.

But how will the media sell advertising space if they can’t have GIANT SCARY STORIES about uber virus that will kill us all?

Well half the population won’t believe the CDC ‘because Obama’, so they can still fret over the news they find on facebook.


More panic and FUD, less responsible information. I have columns to fill here, people!

So as with AIDS, they’ll advocate for quarantine-death-camps while simultaneously worrying that Ebola is the latest false-flag that makes the whole nation vulnerable to a tyrannical takeover by the Obama. Any time now. Buy ammo.


I heard that the article was written by one of the death panels.


Wow, really? I’m in the middle of a re-read of (the incredibly well-written) “The Hot Zone”, a true story that reads like a sci-fi thriller about Marburg and Ebola outbreaks in the '70s and '80s, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa, The bio-warfare center in Fort Detrick, MD., and a….monkey house in Reston, VA. Oof. You’ll not see any of this the same way again (Richard Preston can really write).

AND, one of the things that is mentioned in the book is that Ebola (and all filoviruses) can, in fact, find a way to travel through the air - not necessarily in the same way as influenza, and not as virulently, but in an aerosolized form attached to water droplets, etc. etc.

Bottom line: It ain’t “The Stand”, or “The Andromeda Strain” - at least not yet - but for this stuff it’s going to help to pay some attention to what’s going on. IMO.

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