Fake MAGA elector accused of brutal assault on process server

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A thug and deadbeat, i.e. a typical MAGA henchman.


I don’t understand people trying to evade process servers. In modern times, it really isn’t even possible. If you dodge physical service long enough, the court is just going to allow you to be served by email. You’re just making things worse for yourself.


It’s SovCit-style magical thinking. If this ends up in a courtroom he’ll be paying close attention to any flags.


Yeah, that’s probably it. I’m amazed at how many people think the law works like magic spells. If I say just the right words in just the right order, I will be magically protected by or from The Law™. I have a friend who is definitely not a sov cit, but he posts drum covers on his YouTube channel, and he always includes this statement about not owning the copyright or something. I can’t even remember all of it, but he thinks that will protect him from a take down notice or infringement claim. I’ve seen a lot of people do that. It doesn’t work that way. And this friend’s husband is a paralegal. He should know better. In fairness, our legal system is really big and complex, and I can see how that could seem like magic to someone who doesn’t know much about it.


[Yes, that’s a young Joe Rogan on Newsradio, before the conspiracism went from comedy bit to cash cow.]


If only he had stuck with comedy. He wasn’t horrible at it. I will say, there is one thing that is very close to being magic words in our legal system. “I want a lawyer.” If you’re being questioned by the police, and you say that, they have to stop. But other than that, there isn’t anything else that’s close. And you really need to say it exactly like that. Don’t add anything on. You could get yourself in trouble.


The thing I’ve noticed about that “magic phrase” is that it’s usually taught to people who are either highly privileged or highly disadvantaged. Middle-class Americans, in contrast, are wrongly taught that asking for a lawyer is the equivalent to disrespecting the police and also effectively admitting guilt.


Same people that get their vehicles repossessed and try to drive them off the tow-truck hook, causing major damage. It’s some disconnect in the brain that ignores all reason and thoughts of consequences.

Get cut off at an intersection? Chase the person down, break laws, damage cars, hurt people… but you showed them!

We’re all capable of this, with different responses for different situations.

It’s the folks who are cool as a cucumber, that just smile and take it and don’t explode at that moment. You don’t want to be anywhere near them when it all festers out and comes to a boil, when they finally snap and a lifetime’s rage comes to the surface.

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Uhhh…yeah that used to be me. In my case, doing that was clearly going to kill me before I hurt anyone else. So I open the release valve on occasion now, in appropriate and socially acceptable ways.


… and the Supreme Court recently added another one, “I expressly invoke the privilege against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment”


I get told to cool down every now and then too. A few years ago my mouth got me thumped pretty good. as right as I was… the other guy was ‘righter’. Worse, he beat me to a pulp in front of his special-needs kid… the kid was begging his daddy to stop, I got the sense daddy did this a lot.

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With his luck, the next process server could be a sleep deprived Clay Hilton earning some side cash while on paid leave, or some some similarly situated deputy looking for a scuffle and arrest on a Friday afternoon, with a court appearance timed to happen on a Tuesday after a 3-day weekend.


They have significantly weakened Miranda in recent years, too. Some were expecting the Court to outright overturn it last year, but they stopped just short of that. The 6th Amendment right to an attorney is still very strong, though, so if someone has been detained by the police, directly and unequivocally asking for a lawyer will force them to stop asking you questions. That has always been a stronger right than the 5th.


My sympathy to you, and especially the kid.


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I just hafta say: “Fake MAGA Elector Accused of Brutal Assault on Process Server” pretty much fits the scenario I imagined would be possible when the POS came down the escalator. Jon Stewart was still host of The Daily Show and he thought it would make for comedy gold to have Dump in the race. I was more cautiously scared. And I kept telling myself, “Guys like Stewart are smarter than me; there’s no way the public is that stupid…”


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