Fake news network stole from legit sites, flooded Google News and Alerts. Report blames NASDAQ & Thomson Reuters ex-employees

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/02/06/fake-news-network-stole-from-l.html

“As they stole stories from real newspapers, these sites baffled scientists, activists, and journalists. Until now.”


How is Interdo pronounced? In-turd-oh? Who would name a company that?


This does kinda sound like the news equivalent of “high-speed trading” so the resume fits…

I would assume Inter-do

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Has anyone ever see or heard Big Tech take responsibility for anything? It’s like a 3 year old with cake crumbs on their face, and they say I don’t know how they got there.

Thomson Reuters is not directly really involved in high speed trading, as far as I know, but even closer, they do automatic news stuff.

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Are you saying that NASDAQ was paying this guy to do this?

How does Inter-do do?

Nothing is too far fetched these days.

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So. All the news was real, just plagiarized? Seems legit in today’s world.

Did they just echo legit news sites, or did they filter/edit the stories to slant them, like Uncle Vlad?

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