Faked video gets much better


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I’m starting to think I’m not real.


I for one am scared to death of our video-manipulating overlords.




I couldn’t see where they’d removed Theresa May’s facial expressions?

Other than that… oh, fuck! We are so fucked!


This could be a really cool way to protect identity. Significantly alter the person’s face and modulate the voice. Then they can be giving their account safely but in a more engaging manner.

I also wonder how this would do running a rigged 3D model. Accurate facial tracking of good quality without having to paste dots all over the face sounds cool.

Dubbing movies and being able to swap out the entire audio set seamlessly (or at least one step above Superman mustache quality) sounds neat.


I really wish that they’d embraced Superman’s facial hair; had him return from the dead with a beard, shave it off, but decide to try out having a mustache; like Omni-man from the “Invincible” comic.

There are certainly lots of positive, creative uses for this technology; but it is going to make believing the news even harder than before.


Pics and it didn’t happen.


Except Supes hair can’t be cut - unless you expose him to hairtonite.


I assume he uses his heat vision; and a very, very tough mirror.



I’m all for ye good 'ol hood mask and distorted voice. Adds drama.


I never thought about it before they showed it in the video, but this would make watching dubbed films SO much more tolerable.

(Though I think I would still prefer to hear the original actor’s performance, it would make dubs less jarring.)


"All that was needed was an unending series of victories over your own memory. "


This is cool and all—and I applaud these people’s ingenuity—but what happens when there is no longer any form of trustworthy documentary evidence of anything?


These advances couldn’t come at a worse time, with their potential to legitimise Trump’s fake news bullshit.


The problem is less that documentary footage is untrustworthy (the alteration is detectable, if using the right tools), but rather that real footage can be dismissed as doctored, even when it isn’t.


It might be detectable by experts (or maybe just careful observers?), but what about after the technology has had another few years to mature?

And, yes, you’re right: it could destroy the credibility of all video footage.


A few more years will render it more naturalistic looking to casual observers, but not necessarily to forensic dissection (because the giveaways won’t all be in the visible information). Also, detection tools will also get better.
Then there’s coming at it from the other direction - verification mechanisms for video that track any alterations made to it. But this doesn’t ultimately help because it’s possible to use unaltered video misleadingly and the fundamental problem we’re already starting to see (e.g. Trump now denying his Access Hollywood “grab 'em” tape, despite admitting it was him and there being witnesses) is that the mere possibility of fakery provides plausible cover to deny the existence of uncomfortable truths.


It’s going to be necessary to use asymmetric encryption on all real video footage so we can each decrypt it to verify its authenticity.