Using Deepfakes for good

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How would this work unless the model had the same body type / posture as myself? How much could a realistic representation of my face affect how the clothing would appear on my body. Either way, I do have an imagination.

This app has a few orders of magnitude more potential for misuse than otherwise. I can’t see any legitimate uses beyond highly refined JibJab videos.


“Oh please, that’s not what Katy Perry looks like naked-- the nipples are all wrong!”

“Yeah bro, but the face looks perfect.”

“. . . face?”

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See, if Dodge had used this app they could have quickly produced a commercial in which Martin Luther King Jr. was driving the truck himself.


Nope. Still creepy.


Made for tindr.

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Yeah, this doesn’t seem like an actual productive use of the technology - unless you want to see what you look like when you have the body and jawline/face-shape of a model. (Because the face-swap mostly seems to work with the interior of the face, not the shape of the head.)
This technology would have been perfect for Rogue One, where they actually used stand-in actors who roughly resembled the actors they were trying to duplicate - just swapping faces would have been enough. That seems to the legitimate use - sticking actors into movies despite being dead/the wrong age. Expect to see more flashback sequences in movies where, instead of having a youthful actor who looks little like the more mature version, they actually swap in the youthful face of the older actor.


Photography has _always _ been a plastic medium. The sooner people realize that, the better off we’ll all be.


Thank you, that is indeed another legitimate use, though I suspect Hollywood has been able to do these things for a while, right? I guess it’s a lot more cleaner/efficient with AI now.

I’m mostly worried about the effect on fake news: whether it be “actual fake” news, or dismissal of “real news” as fake AI mock-up.

At great expense and very poorly, yes. Even Rogue One, one of the first movies to really make notable use of it, using some of the world’s best FX teams, suffered from some uncanny valley effects that this face-swapping doesn’t have. The face-swapping is also cheap and easy enough that it could be used in movies that currently just cast vaguely-similar looking young people.

There is that. But keep in mind that this is going to be detectable for a while (like other video/image manipulations are), and people like Trump already deny that a voice on tape is their own - even when they previously admitted it was and there are multiple corroborating witnesses that it’s real. Facts don’t matter in the era of “fake news” accusations. Going forward the approach will probably be less about detecting fakes and more about verification systems for shooting (new) video that certify it hasn’t been manipulated in any way.


“Pix or it didn’t happen.”

I think the real potential missed opportunity of this technology is that they didn’t run adds with the final scene from the shining with Trump’s face swapped in for Martin Sheen’s face.

There needs to be an honest deepfake which shows Trump running around with a stolen baby using it as a human shield against Christopher Walken with a sniper rifle.
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As I already couldn’t help but think of Sheen’s character anytime people talk about Trump and the nuclear football, I’m sure your thoughts are already mirrored out there in the zeitgeist waiting to gestate.

And… bad faked already:

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Boing Boing lost something when they became all time Trump haters. Can we give it a rest?

In all fairness Trump is really, really easy to hate.


Also seems to be good for inserting Nic Cage into every video ever made.

It’s interesting to me that that’s how you take my comment.
It’s true I have no great love there but I have nothing to add to that emotional stream either. Just commenting the thought that @MeekTheGeek had was similar to one I had and for which the deep-fake seems to be already in-process.

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///sort-of-a-cutural-of-clones too
////edited to add this vestigial Walken reference

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Hahaha, Trump being president… Good one!

Sometimes I try and go for pity, but even though he’s an ignorant buffoon who seems to be suffering from dementia, he still does some fucking horrible things and then I’m back to hate again.

Oh, and here’s an early example from 1997:

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