Star Trek fans use FaceApp to swap genders of franchise characters

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I don’t really know how FaceApp works, but I swear that bottom left picture is Winona Ryder.


Uncanny valley.

Female Data and Riker make me feel kinda funny.


If it wasn’t for them being related in the fiction, I’d totally be down for a MMF with gender swapped Wesely and Dr. Crusher. Them’s some good looking humans.


Many of these faces do now look like other actresses/actors.

It reinforces my feeling that Hollywood acting persons tend to look alike, as the system filters for those who are not just conventionally good-looking, but also in specific ways. (Sometimes, when watching television - and only then - I feel like I’m suffering from some degree of “face blindness” because I have such difficulty distinguishing some actors. It’s especially bad for '80s and '90s shows where everyone has the same haircuts, because I can’t even use that to tell people apart.)


Given the ability of current AI assisted deep fakes I don’t think it’ll be 10 years before we start to see entire characters or shows being built digitally. Then there would be no worries about actors aging or acting crazy on set, or protesting (not to mention pay).

Some days I’d really rather just skip ahead straight to the holodeck.


And the bottom right (Dr Crusher) bares more than a passing resemblance to Hiddleston.


Will Riker has dreamy eyes.


We have those now–they’re called CG animation.

I’m still very skeptical that we’ll ever be able to fully replace actors/dancers/anything involving the human body… because computer programmers and digital artists have one skill set, and performers have another. At bare minimum you’re going to need a vast library of motion-captured body and face performances to start from, but even then, choosing what subtle movement to go from one moment to the next (when you’re not actually “living” the scene) is always going to be in danger of looking stilted or disingenuous.

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Wow. I will never look at Will Wheaton the same way again.


Female Riker looks like the actress from Agents of Shield and the Orville.


Wow, you’re right:



I’ve noticed this especially with Tim Burton’s female leads. Typically doe-eyed and waifish; Geena Davis, Winona Ryder, Christina Ricci, Mia Wasikowska, etc.

That list also coincidentally contains 90% of my early teen crushes. It feels creepy to say it now as a 42 year old (even though we’re basically the same age), but Christina Ricci as Wednesday Adams just tore my heart right out.

So yeah, Wesley Crusher… :stuck_out_tongue:


There is a pretty vast library, people have been filming themselves for over 100 years. They will use an AI to read that and interpret how to recreate realistic people, you don’t need people in leotards with dots on their faces to gather point data anymore. I know it’s still in use but its really just a matter of when, not if, the industry switches to that instead. I think it will take hold more when someone gets the guts to try a major motion picture using the technique (which I’m a little surprised hasn’t been tried yet).

Between the Mandalorian’s pure CGI sets and Covid-19, we have the technology and the motivation. The first instance may well be heralded much like The Jazz Singer [spits on the ground] in its day.

Female Riker is 100% asking to speak to the manager.


Rikerette is kind of hot.

Not to be a hair-ist but IMO there is no reason to put hair on Picard presenting as male, female, nonbinary, intersex, LBGTQIA, etc. No reason. Sheesh folks this is 2020.

Picard is fine without hair. The strength of her/his/their character is in part based on the fact that hair is mostly a side issue. A distraction.

Star Trek has bald people in canon, right?

Plenty of positive powerful amazing people have the look.
I love Ayanna Pressley’s declaration and courage here.
Go Ayanna!

Cmon FaceApp! Go there! And keep up, willya?

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Put 'em all in the Troi uniform!


Not enough hair.

and no need to fake it for Riker: