Family fake-kidnapped 6-year-old to teach him to mistrust strangers




Well he’s learned not to trust his family, that’s for sure.


Did they get that idea from Arrested Development?


They’ve inadvertently taught him the truth, which is that in the vast majority of cases, the most dangerous people in a child’s life are the ones closest to them.


Given that everything about the family’s actions is indefensible I wonder how he was “lured” into a stranger’s pickup. Did he get in willingly? If so that might have been a good instructive moment–and it could have ended right there. From the way the family set this up I wonder if the “lure” was a gun and the kid was told he could get in or be shot.


I’m kind of with you. I mean if this was a setup along the lines of, Hi I work with your mom and she wanted me to give you a ride… then it could have proceeded to where he did get dropped at his parents and this all explained why what he did was wrong.

But of course that probably wouldn’t make for a totally WTF are you doing kind of story.


Christ, what assholes.


“No no, officer, we were FAKE stripping the boy and FAKE threatening him.”

Sadly it sounds like they were successful in teaching him that adults are dangerous.


For some reason when I read “pickup” I see this:


…and ain’t no one stranger than family.

You get it? You guys…hey, guys…you guys…get it? 'Cuz…hey…


Christ, well, at least they taught him the exact right lesson, without meaning to: statistics show that a child is far more likely to be abused by a member of his or her own family than random strangers.

The family for certain won’t realize the irony of trying to teach him about the latter and proving the former.

I hope this kid continues to be nice to strangers, and gets the hell out of his family when he’s old enough.


“And that’s why you don’t teach your kids a lesson.”


Tactical training is for babies!


Interesting DNA pool they are working from there…


Ironically, they just confirmed that strangers are less of a danger than people you know.


Today I learned that Missouri is the Florida of the Midwest.


Oh the folks of MO are so fucked if the King of Jordan finds out about this! I hear he does not take kindly to kidnapping & his father knew Obi-Wan. Duck.


I’m sure these idiots initially thought it was an incredibly fantastic idea…


If that’s his family, no wonder he jumped into a strangers van.


Most of the “Florida Man”'s are actually from Ohio and and Missouri.