Family on overnight BA flight refused seat switch as they were gnawed by bedbugs


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They should also refund the full ticket price, pay any and all related medical expenses, and then tack on something for pain and suffering. At minimum. How horrid.


It’s not a bug its a featu- oh wait, no, it is a bug.




Not to mention that they may/probably have taken the bugs home with them. BA should pay for pest remediation too.


So we’ve had bedbugs, sitting in piss, etc. It seems like airlines should really invest in emergency plastic lined seat covers.


Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.


Not just home but also wherever they visited in London.


I’m sorry but i would have caused a scene and not taken the punishment of sitting 9 hours on seats covered with bugs. Why did the staff think it was acceptable to let that family stay on those seats?


Whoops! I guess I will never fly again. I’d rather get punched in the face a dragged down the aisle.


The airlines suck. They treat people like animals. There needs to more heavy regulations with stiff fines. We should all call our representatives and senators today.


I’m going to go with they didn’t believe them.


This was a case of emergency landing. What is their baseline? Snakes?


This is horrid… and yet, I doubt much of anything will change anytime soon.


Likely, and its possible the problem didn’t manifest itself until some time after the flight departed. Still what a nightmare… i can’t imagine putting up with that for hours and hours.


The weird part is that British Air is the best airline I have ever flown on, bar none.

I mean, on an American plane you’d probably be beaten and thrown off the plane after enduring 9 hours of bedbugs.


i would have caused a scene and not taken the punishment…

I’m not so sure. In 2017, 9 hours of bedbug bites might be a better option than this:


They probably didn’t pay the “no bugs or lice” fee.


Now, to be fair, if one is knocked unconscious they won’t feel the bed bug bites.


Exellent point!