Worst upgrade ever: there are bed bugs on airplanes now.

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Keep in mind, even if you know that you stayed with relatives or in hotels that didn’t have bedbug infestations, your luggage has been hobnobbing with the luggage of people who have. So when I get home EVERYTHING goes into the dryer at a high heat setting. That’s why I don’t have any hard sided luggage.


He asked, “Is this what we paid $10,000 for???”

Honestly i’m more upset someone is willing to throw that much money away on air travel than bed bugs


still trying to come round with a cute way to find out how often 5 star hotels change the mattress
I know some have …do the sheets need washing things…

That’s $2000 a seat and based on the tweet apparently just one way. When I similarly traveled to the other side of the world, I looked up what first class would have cost me, and I don’t think it was that much. Maybe they didn’t book in advance.

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Considering we’re talking about airlines here…


As the state is dismantled for the benefit of the 1%, we’ll all going to have to get used to bedbugs, fleas and lice again.

The hyperloop, in particular, is going to need a steam-cleaning cycle if it’s not going to be a vector for a host of parasites.

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Article states destination as 'Mumbia" should probably be “Mumbai”.

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The bugs were a freebie.

I’m writing that song, right now.


Oh come on! They’re on planes now??


Same place.

Great. Now we will all be breathing fumigation vapors.

Packets of peanuts = 5 per bag. Soda = cupful of ice and a dribble of liquid. Bedbugs = no limit.


Where were you looking to go? For my regular NZ flights coach is $2000-2500 RT, Business is $8-12,000 RT. Even going to Europe coach is $700-1000 RT and business is $6-10,000 RT.

Funny how the prices all doubled when oil went up to $100+ per barrel but never came down when oil prices halved more recently


not if we think about the perfectly reasonable possibility of just incinerating the infested planes and moving on.

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Next viral video:
Shows close up shaky vertical video of a bed bug on plane. Two woman talking with southern accent.

“Oh my God, would you look at that? I think that’s a bed bug.”

“No, it can’t be a bed bug, we’re on a plane. That’s a seat.”

“Well I know, but I think they can live anywhere, not just beds.”

Talking loudly “Why are you here? This isn’t even a bed!”

Wild flailing of camera.

“Oh my god, I think I feel one on me!”


“Get it off, get it off! They’re in my hair! Oh wait, no it’s just a scab from when my cat scratch me.”

“Oh thank Jesus.”

“I know right.”

Camera back on bed bug.

“This is why they don’t allow lighters on planes any more, because I’d be killing it with fire right now.”


It’s impossible to completely exclude bed bugs from anywhere. They can hide in basically any gap that would fit a piece of paper, and most of the time they only come out when things are dark and quiet. You can be infested and never actually see a bug. They have a high tolerance for most insecticides, and their preference for poorly-ventilated cracks means that there’s no way to fumigate them without making the place uninhabitable to humans. They can survive for months without eating, and fertilized females lay eggs everywhere they go for the rest of their lives. Just one female hitching a ride in someone’s luggage is enough to infest every place they visit.

But if they’re swarming this badly, someone should have noticed a long time ago. They don’t grow quickly; an infestation like this would have taken weeks or months to build up. And the most reliable way to exterminate all bugs in an area is to seal off any escape routes and heat it to a uniform 120F+ for several hours, which is a stone cold bitch to do in an old building but ought to be easy in an airplane.


Nearly my same thinking. But I believe this probably wouldn’t have been enough to go in luxury (1st/business) if it were round trip. As the husband of someone who calls a place 11,000km away “home,” that’s the price of flying home every few years (particularly if, as you suggested, one didn’t or couldn’t book in advance).


I was on a plane where they did that (with our asses in the seats), spraying for fruit flies IIRC.

(And more edits for clarification, bad auto-spell suggestions etc.)

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That line wrote itself, with your help.


Oh god, I hope my wife never hears about this or we are never getting in another plane together again.

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