Famous entrepreneurs' hits and misses visualized

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Nice presentation of data!

I see Schwarzenegger made the grade but trump didn’t

Don’t spell it like Steve-Bridge-as-George-Bush pronounces it.

It’s entrepreneurs.

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Fixed that.

Weird that it’s ‘Sir’ Clive Sinclair, but not Sir Richard Branson, or Lord Sugar.

Actually, weird that they’d mention Sinclair at all, to be honest, if it’s about successes.

Spectrum wasn’t success? It was fairly common even here behind the Iron Curtain.

Creating an icon of such magnitude should count as a success.

I didn’t know Colonel Sanders had such a temper!

Depressingly, I am not at all surprised that every one of these entrepreneurs had a hit before 40, most before 30. Oh well, at least I had fun hopping around the meadows while the ants were busily storing food for the winter.

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