Trump's reign is sad for tech, too

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I hope every one of the “tech leaders” that were involved in this PR circus are taking a long, hard look at themselves right now.


Its wholly unsurprising to see that the most heavily abused rhetoric spewed by SV’s “visionaries” does not apply to them.

Dynamic, responsive, intelligent, robust…

These leaders have shown time and again that they’re excellence is completely circumstantial, meaning that they can only suceed when all is good but are flumoxed to the point of inaction when things get tough. They’re not leaders, they’re narrow-minded opportunists.


Because highly successful entrepreneurs are an introspective bunch, given to self-doubt and humility.

Also, who is Trump supposed to be morphing into there? I can’t really make out the face.

This guy:


I thought maybe, but I don’t get it. Isn’t the article saying Trump is harming Facebook? The why would they be… clones? Face donors? Whatever.

That, I suppose, is open to interpretation :grinning:.

Don’t hold your breath…

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I have a feeling new tech jobs will pop up in other countries as the major tech companies don’t have any faith that even IF they get the visas what other things are going to prevent growth that would never have happened under Bush, Obama… Bonus for SV: not shipping jobs overseas if they never were here in the first place.

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