Skynet: Trump campaigned like a crappy AI, and now he's governing like one, too


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There is precedent for this, as in this lovely recent headliner: “Microsoft deletes ‘teen girl’ AI after it became a Hitler-loving sex robot within 24 hours”.


Ive come to the conclusion that the only way out of this fake news and polarisation is for good AI to fully come into force.
We need an impartial voice that qualifies truth and facts in every news report.
Im aware that this is impossible at the minute.

Im also aware that many would never trust AI with this responsibility but right now I cant see who or what would be any better. Neither side trusts anything anymore.

(There is software in use already that tests scientific papers for accuracy and truth.)


Not quite related to this topic, but Cathy O’Neil’s book, Weapons of Math Destruction is fantastic and extremely important to read in order to help understand some of the roots of the problems the US (and other countries) are now facing.

Buy it now and learn a lot.


Actually, that very book is the opening reference of Corey’s post.


Yep. It mentions the book. And I wanted to say how great it was.


Well, part of the technological singularity concept is a discovery/event/moment that will result in unfathomable changes in society so that it is impossible for us, here, now, to predict what comes after. I have to say, Trump does seem to have that potential. Not for a good singularity, but a singularity nonetheless.


Without even reading the content, I already am in full rant mode and like to start shouting that we were waiting so much in (only somewhat terrified) anticipation for the singularity to destroy humanity that we forgot about ignorance doing the fucking job much faster and more elegant.

I hate to be right about this. :crying_cat_face:


I had noticed the iterative way that Trump campaigned, but I hadn’t made the analogy to AIs…


This seems like a somewhat overworked way of restating the searingly obvious fact that Turmp is a con man.



Ah, got it; I wasn’t sure you’d noticed the inclusion. :slight_smile:


I disagree with the premise that he doesn’t mind being hated. If he didn’t mind being hated, he wouldn’t spend so much time insisting that everybody likes him – the polls are fake news, he would have won the popular vote except 3 million people voted illegally, etc.


Well, yeah. That’s how psychopathy works. He doesn’t actually have much ability to feel emotions and has absolutely no moral compass or sense of empathy. So he pretends to be like a normal human and when people reward him, he takes that as a sign the ruse is working.

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