U.S. voters think Trump is an "idiot," and now trust media more than him to tell truth: Quinnipiac poll


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But, only MY media tells the truth.



hm - i’ve been over there a couple of times - coulda sworn it’s quinn-uh-PEE-ack - anyone?

edit - Wikipedia says: ˌkwɪˈnᵻpiæk, which doesn’t really help me


It’s KEY-NOIR, surely?


The fact that there was ever a time when the headline was not true is the most depressing thing in this article.


There is always the segment of about 35% who will approve of him, the Fox News demographic.

I wonder, is there going to be a point when even they see him as incompetent, or will they always just blame media bias for what they see?

And Trump himself, what does he really think about his job performance? Does he recognize that he has no idea what he’s doing, or is his mental block so great that he believes his own bullshit? If he makes a truly catastrophic blunder will there be a moment of clarity or will he dig in deeper? How big of a screw up does it have to be?


Words don’t come to mind when 45 is mentioned. There is a shudder, then a disgusted sigh. If forced into a single word, it might be “motherfucker.”


At least bigger than bankrupting a money printing machine.


Sure, now they get it.


For understandable reasons of public mental health, they neglected two important questions:

  1. do you believe that anything other than a 9/11 could turn these numbers around?


  1. if he realises he’s cornered, do you believe that Turmp will wait for that to happen on its own?


It doesn’t matter. No matter what facts or data you put in front of Trump supporters, they will never believe anything negative. Additionally, the GOP will deny or say nothing and continue to allow him to run amok as if to give themselves culpable deniability if/when anything blows up because of him.


His approval ratings go up whenever he bombs something, so be prepared, I guess, for another military misadventure.


Yup. It’s all about marshaling power. They have it, and they are gonna put up with whatever until that power is threatened, at which point they’ll make sure to have insulated themselves from blame and have a new dictator in chief lined up. Oh yeah, and not to mention a plan in place to blame the Democrats for everything.


I don’t know if it’s naiveté or optimism that they think there’ll be something left to salvage after that happens…


i think the hate of government by the republicans means that, generally, they’d be happy if there was nothing left to salvage. ( save for the military and cops, of course. there’s a strong belief on the right that law and order are the only valid roles for government. )


Is ‘aaaagh’ a word?


may be I’m more pessimistic that it’ll just be a couple of actual cockroaches left after everything blows up…


Sounds about right.


When I think of Trump, I feel mildly nauseous.