Trump approval rating "in the toilet"


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Your Monday afternoon new, damning Trump-Putin connection


And completely unsurprising.


But he’s been hovering around the 40% mark, despite everything, since the inauguration. If anything, all these poll numbers show is the number of indifferent people have gone down, and gone over to the disapprove column, but he hasn’t really lost too many of his core supporters.


I’d be happier about this if I thought it would prompt change, but Trump’s running the country like a business: the only people he needs to please are a handful of shareholders and when it’s bankrupt he’ll move on leaving the taxpayers with the bill.


And downsizing everything he can, as quickly as he can.


Where else do I put his rating after wiping my ass with it?


This chart shows his approval rating hovering around between 35% and 40%. That’s what it always is.

I think it’s nicer when the bottom line on the chart is 0 instead of 35%.


I’d make a practical suggestion, but I’d think that anything involving tRump would make poor fertilizer.


All this chart shows is that 37% of Americans are clueless or soulless or both.


Some people get a golden parachute.


For a site that prides itself on being pro-science, you sure do suck at statistics.


37% isn’t worrisome because it is low. 37% is worrisome because it is high.


Well, that’s the Keyes Crazification Factor, plus ten percent.


What would it take to prove to his believers that he’s the lying crook that should be locked up?

If they’ve come this far I cant see anything other than hind site and denial working.

Until Fox/Brietbart/daily mail etc stop with the opinions as facts then this is never going to end.


Needs to be lower, but until his base really gets burned, it won’t happen.


Something tells me all his honeymoons go about this well.


Look I’m as anti-Trump as they come (with a shade of pity, the dude is clearly entering some early form of dementia, comparing his speeches now to his speeches of even 4 or 5 years ago and the guy is way off the reservation) - but “locked up”?

On what (actual, proven) grounds?


Yeah, being as ignorant about actuality as possible isn’t a legally chargeable crime. But seriously, would there be grounds for a civil class-action suit? Like breach of promise, when he finally does go back on the Oath he took?


When Democrats are down, Republicans say, “look how low their approval rating is!”

When Republicans are down, Republicans say, “high approval ratings are a waste! They mean we aren’t pushing our policies hard enough.”


I’m missing something. How’d you figure?